Originally constructed in 1867 by then owner and saloon operator, Nicholas "Nick" Eckhardt, this three-story brick building originally housed Eckhardt and his family on the upper two floors, and a saloon occupied the ground level. Eckhardt and his family moved from Germany and settled in Chicago in 1854. He and his wife, Sophia, had 6 children, and the family is believed to have resided in the building for over 30 years. Eckhardt's son, Nicholas Jr., then took over the saloon operation until the mid 1930's. The bold decorative epigraph below the third story windows reads "N. Eckhardt" and now remains a lasting salute to an early Chicago settler and his wonderful building's legacy. 

Urban Remains, a local Chicago business that deals with the reclamation of American architectural artifacts, discovered many items during the excavation of the rear of the property. More information can be found here.

Some of the photographs are credited to Urban Remains

Construction Pictures